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Hi, I’m Molly Abigail,
just another young student traveling South America

Living, loving and learning

Misadventures, mayhems and mishaps

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Travel Writing

Bee Breakfast

What an amazing idea for a restaurant…. not…. better ‘beelieve’ it ‘bee’cause I am never going into a bee themed bar ever again #bees #blogs #diary #adventure #beehive #beehivebar #funny # humour

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Yanomami – ‘the fierce people’?

In 1983 a group of Brazilian gold miners invaded the protected area known as ‘Yanomami Park’ and murdered 16 Yanomami people, including a baby. This was declared by the court as genocide and 2 of the miners remain in jail today. Yanomami park is home to 27,000 Yonomami people. It also houses large levels of gold…

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